When Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms

When Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy SymptomsWhen Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms.Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and the process is eventful to say the least. For women who have never been pregnant, there can be more questions than answers. One of the most common concerns has to do with when a woman starts to feel pregnancy symptoms. The truth of the matter is that every woman is unique. In this case, every pregnancy will be unique as well. Did you know that some women go through pregnancy without ever experiencing any early sign? Indeed, pregnancy is a wonder. Having said this, there are indicators that can start early; and they could point to a possible pregnancy. This article explores these symptoms and when they are likely to start.

When Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms

In a study conducted on 136 women who were trying to get pregnant, 90% of women showed signs of pregnancy by the 8th week. By the 5th week of pregnancy, about 50% of women had symptoms. 70% of the women showed some signs at 6 weeks. These figures go to show that pregnancy and how it manifests is dynamic.

Pregnancy signs at 2 weeks

According to the way pregnancy duration is calculated by experts, two weeks of pregnancy means that you are ovulating. At this point, there is no conception yet; although after successful ovulation, a pregnancy will follow if there is fertilization. Women who have symptoms will be experiencing their usual premenstrual signs. They include mild cramps, fatigue, mood swings among other premenstrual signs.

When Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy SymptomsPregnancy signs at 3 weeks

At this stage, pregnancy will begin officially if the egg was fertilized successfully. The signs are however very subtle and most women will not even think they are pregnant. The fertilized egg will be making its way to the uterus to implant accordingly. Women who have symptoms at this point may experience some spotting. This is also called implantation bleeding. This stage may also be accompanied by some mild cramps. When Do You Start Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms. Other symptoms include breast tenderness, food versions, nausea and fatigue. Women do report urinating frequently at this point which is also a possible sign.

Pregnancy signs at 4 weeks

This is the week that most women expect their period. To this end, the biggest indicator of a possible pregnancy is a missed period. Other symptoms include nausea, sore breasts and frequent urination. These signs will become more pronounced from this stage owing to the fast changing hormonal conditions due to pregnancy. Again, some women may not notice any change in their bodies at this time. In fact, some confuse implantation bleeding with their period.

Other early signs of pregnancy

As the weeks go by, it will become obvious to some women that something is different. By the 8th week mark, a host of signs will have cropped up. The other symptoms to watch out for include nasal congestion, shortness of breath, heartburn, food cravings and aversions, spider veins, itchy palms, constipation, abdominal bloating and many others. In light of all this, missing a period should prompt every women to get a pregnancy test. A test is the only sure way to confirm that indeed your signs are pregnancy related. Keep in mind that all the above symptoms can be caused by other conditions.