When Do Cravings Start During Pregnancy

When Do Cravings Start During Pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that sometimes brings about cravings and fetishes. Some women use this period wisely to have all that they desire served on a silver platter. Some cravings are ordinary while others are out of the ordinary. Studies show that 68% of pregnant women will experience cravings at some point in their pregnancy. If the craving is healthy, you should honor it and spoil yourself. However, there are some cravings that should be looked into closely.

Cravings are your body’s guidance into the kind of foods that you should be eating. However, it is important to note that some of these food cravings are simply to pamper you during your journey. There are times when one will crave for sugary foods but other cases, you will be craving savory dishes. Your body is simply letting you know what it needs.

Types of Cravings

Sometimes, a pregnant woman will crave soil and other weird things. Some ladies simply enjoy the smell of gas or paraffin. This does not mean that you should honor the cravings. This is your body’s indication of a deficiency. You should discuss this with your doctor as they will advise on the kind of dishes to eat to eliminate these cravings for instance, liver and foods rich in calcium.

When Do Cravings Start During Pregnancy

Food cravings mostly follow food aversions during the first trimester where morning sickness is likely to occur. This is usually as a result of the wave of hormones that are new to your body. However, it is possible to experience cravings during the first days of pregnancy. This might actually be the first sign of pregnancy. In most cases, the cravings will disappear by the fourth month of pregnancy. After that, the cravings are simply for comfort so enjoy them.

When to Obey the Cravings

When Do Cravings Start During Pregnancy?

Just because the cravings are mainly a guidance as to what your body needs, this shouldn’t be considered strictly. Sometimes the cravings are as a result of the hormonal imbalance which is explained by the constant change of cravings and even the sudden desire to binge on unhealthy stuff such as dirt. It is therefore best to enjoy satisfying the cravings but only on the good stuff. It is advisable to indulge in unhealthy cravings in moderation. This includes fast foods and other unhealthy dishes. On the other hand, you could also choose to substitute the cravings for something healthier.
If you do not want to honor the cravings then you can distract yourself by either doing an activity of taking a nap, reading or taking a walk. Eat as you are needed in order to avoid thinking about food.

Cravings for non-food items such as dirt, laundry soap, gas and ashes is known as pica. This should be discussed with your doctor as it mostly indicates an iron deficiency. Your doctor will advise on the kinds of food to eat in order to eliminate or keep the cravings under control. Your doctor is also in the best position to advise on your new meal choices to support the pregnancy. When a food item doesn’t sit well with you, simply look into alternatives as long as you eat a well balanced diet.