Toothpaste Pregnancy Test How to

A Toothpaste Pregnancy Test could help you in getting  an answer to a question you may already know.  There are multiple reasons that stop a woman from consulting a doctor or visiting a pharmacy during pregnancy. Though consulting a doctor is highly advisable during pregnancy there are ways to detect pregnancy without actually visiting a pharmacy or consulting a medical practitioner. There are many natural pregnancy tests which one can use but it is significant to chose one which has reasonable accuracy rate. It must be noted that a none of the homemade can provide a hundred percent accurate result but they are often very close to being perfectly accurate. In this article we will look at the different advantages and disadvantages of homemade pregnancy tests and some factors that surround them.

How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test Work?

The homemade pregnancy tests are designed to detect the HCG hormone that is present in the urine of a pregnant woman. The tests that are conducted in the pharmacy also work the same way apart from the fact that these DIY pregnancy tests use various ingredients that react with the specific hormone in the urine.

Early Pregnancy Tests

The main advantage that these natural pregnancy tests provide to women is that they can determine their pregnancy in the early stages of the process. While there are many women across who avoid pharmacies there are some who do not have access to pharmacies and these homemade pregnancy tests are ideal for them. These natural pregnancy tests are also a good way of knowing if one is pregnant very early in the process.

Accurate Homemade Pregnancy Test

One of the main factors that determine the quality of any test is the accuracy of the result of the taste. While there are multiple homemade pregnancy tests that are known to man, only a few are actually accurate and is worth trying out.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

The toothpaste pregnancy test is one of the most popular DIY pregnancy tests that are performed by women. Multiple women who prefer the toothpaste pregnancy test over the other homemade pregnancy test simply because it is far more cheaper, simple and has a very high accuracy rate.

  1. Requirements :
  2. White toothpaste
  3. Two clean cups (One for the test and one for urine)
  4. Medical dropper
  5. Clean Stick

Procedure :

One should arrange everything on the night before the morning of the test as it will help her to concentrate very well on the test. Squeeze about a teaspoon of the toothpaste in one of the cups. Take a cup of the the first urine of the morning and with a medical dropper add a few drops of the urine to the toothpaste on the other cup. Stir the mixture well with the clean stick and leave them to react. If changes in the mixture such as change in color or bubbles are observed it means that the test is positive. On the other hand if the mixture remains unaltered it indicates that woman is not pregnant. The chemical compounds in a toothpaste reacts with HCG which is present in the urine of a pregnant woman. This reaction causes the change of color and the appearance of bubbles.

Factors to Consider :

The cups must be completely clean as the any bacteria present in the cups can react with the urine and alter the result of the test.

One must only choose a white toothpaste for the test as the colored toothpastes contain chemicals prevents the reaction from occurring

One must use first urine sample of the day and the urine sample should also be fresh. The first urine sample of the day usually refers to the first urine of the day, usually in early morning, as the sample contains very high levels of HCG which in turn helps in detection.


Though the toothpaste pregnancy test has a higher accuracy rate than most other homemade pregnancy test, it is not one hundred percent accurate. When performed properly the toothpaste pregnancy test is about eighty five to ninety percent accurate. Let us look at a few factors that are responsible for the inaccurate results of the test.

Quantity : As the test is not a standardized pregnancy test there are no distinct guidelines for the test. For example the person conducting the test is usually unsure about the quantity of the urine

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

that has to be mixed to the toothpaste. Apart from the quantity the exact time duration for which the solution should be left to react is unknown to many test takers.

Detection : The change in colour can be difficult to detect as it can be too subtle to notice. Although one gets used to the process after having taken the test for a couple of times.

Time Duration : According to regular test takers the test yields result in the first two to three minutes of the reaction but it can even take as long as ten to fifteen minutes. But one has to be careful about checking the result immediately after the reaction as with time the color burns out and the results become immeasurable.

Pros :

Economical Option : While the pharmacies charge around ten to twenty dollars for pregnancy test this test is pretty much free apart from the toothpaste which is generally present in most houses.

Simple Procedure : The procedure of the toothpaste pregnancy test is relatively simple and the result is also comparatively easier to detect . With simple requirements and procedure the test is not only cheap but also very easy to perform.

Fast : The test generally provided the user with the result within the first three to five minutes. But at times the test takes a while longer, around ten minutes.

Cons :

Confusion : Though the detection of the result is fairly simple when compared to other homemade pregnancy tests, users often complain of getting confusing results. Doubts : It is clear that the toothpaste pregnancy test has a very high accuracy rate but it should also be understood that it is not a standardized pregnancy test and if one faces doubts regarding it is advisable to consult a doctor.