Top 7 Signs of Pregnancy before Missed Period

 Signs of Pregnancy before Missed PeriodSigns of Pregnancy before missed period is indeed the clearest symptom of a pregnancy. However, there are a number of other signs which can begin to manifest way before you miss your period. Well then, here are some of the signs of pregnancy before missed period that you should be aware of.

1. Implantation bleeding and cramping

You may start to notice menstrual cramping as well as some light spotting at least a week prior to missing your period. Implantation occurs when the fertilized egg appends itself to your uterus lining. When this happens, you can begin to exhibit the above listed symptoms. Essentially, the bleeding tends to be very light, and will only last for several hours or a couple of days.

2. Elevated basal body temperature

This is one of the most accurate signs of conception, and can occur at least a week before you miss your period. Ideally, the normal basal body temperature for a healthy woman is between 97.2oF to 99.7oF. After a day or 2 of ovulation, it will increase by from 0.4oF to 1oF and then fall down when you stop menstruating. But when you have conceived, your basal body temperature will remain elevated.

3. Signs of pregnancy before missed period – Heavy , sore and tender breasts

Breast changes are some of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy you can begin to experience even before you miss your period. When you conceive, the reproductive hormones in your body will alert your breasts to get ready. At first the blood vessels within them will start to dilate and grow bigger. Outwardly, your breasts and areolas will get larger, and the latter can get darker as well. They will also be swollen, tender and sore to touch. All these breast changes can start to manifest at least a week after conception.

4. Unusual fatigue

Being fatigued without any given cause is also one of the early signs of conception before a missed period. When you conceive there will be an upsurge of the levels of hormone progesterone in your body, which can cause you to feel very tired and drowsy without any reason at all.

5. Morning sickness

Morning sickness is highly noted for been one of the classic symptoms of pregnancy at its initial stages. You may begin to feel lightheaded, weak and experience an urge to vomit, particularly during the morning hours. It is important to state that about 75% of expectant ladies do experience morning sickness. Nevertheless, its exact severity tends to vary from one woman to the next.

6. Constant urge to urinate

This is a very normal early sign of pregnancy you might experience way before missing your period. You will constantly have the urge to pee, especially during the night. Upon conception, there will be many hormonal changes in your body and an increase in blood production too. Both of which can trigger frequent urination in the initial stages of pregnancy.

7. Food aversion

Before actually missing your period, you may begin to feel some aversion to foods that you cherish. At some point, their smell and taste can get so unbearable that you feel nauseated. Around 85% of expectant ladies have food aversions in the 1st trimester of their pregnancies, but this usually ends during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.