Fascinating Old Wives’ Tales for Baby Gender Prediction

Old Wives' Tales for Baby Gender PredictionOld Wives’ Tales for Baby Gender Prediction. Now that you are pregnant, guessing the sex of your baby is exciting to say the least. Some people choose not to find out the sex of the baby; not even through ultra sound technology. You have to admit that the element of mystery keeps the fun going. As you wait for your bundle of joy to arrive, you can engage in some fun as you guess or predict gender. One way to do it is to use old wives’ tales. These non scientific theories are definitely fascinating if not absurd. There is no harm in using some mystical beliefs to predict the gender of your baby; as long as you do it in the name of good fun.

The garlic challenge

Old wives’ tales make for laughable theories. To begin with, apparently you can use garlic to tell whether it is a boy or a girl. Simply prepare some garlic and see how much you can eat. Most women cannot stand the smell of garlic in the first place. It is said that if you are able to eat a lot of garlic, then get ready for a baby girl.

Sweet or salty?

Pregnancy can have women craving different things. Some women will prefer their salty treats while others will prefer sweets. One of the most common old wives’ tales states that if you want to eat salty things, you are definitely expecting a baby boy. If on the other hand you are obsessed with sweet things, it is a girl for you. This tale goes ahead to say that if you are more inclined to salty protein-rich foods, you are carrying boy.

Morning sickness severity

It is also said that morning sickness and the severity therein can actually tell you whether you will have a boy or a girl. Intense and severe morning sickness symptoms apparently will show that you are having a girl. If you have symptoms that are more laid back, a boy is in the offing for you. For women who never experience any morning sickness, it is hard to tell what sex they are carrying.

The mood test

An old wives’ tale advises women to consider their mood during pregnancy. Those who are moody and are irritable will most likely have a girl. Those who are mellow in pregnancy can expect a boy on the other hand. Although this tale might sound crazy, some women actually swear by it.

A glow of pregnancy

Pregnancy glow is something some women get and others don’t. Thankfully, those who have a glow can attribute it to having a boy inside them. The tale states that when a woman’s complexion is bright and clear with excellent hair, this is a sure sign that a boy is coming.

Another crazy one worth mentioning is weight gain of your partner. If your husband or partner is gaining weight with you, this is an indication that a girl is coming. As alluded to above, these tales are over the top and many of them are simply meant to be discussed when you are having light moments. Otherwise, if you use the above to predict the sex of your baby correctly, it is probably a huge coincidence. All in all, pregnancy is a wonderful time and incorporating these ridiculous tales can lighten the mood.