Top 12 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy.So you are Pregnant & the good news has brought joy to the entire family. It’s a wonderful time for every woman & this feeling makes every family member happy be it expectant mother, the doting father, the excited grandparents and all family friends. During pregnancy, a lot of changes happen to expectant mother’s body in your day-to-day life for the nine months.

There will be plenty of people who will give advice on things to do to stay healthy, some Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy or stories that are passed on from generation to generation. All family members start playing guessing games & try to figure out whether your new little bundle of joy will be a boy or girl. Every soon-to-be parent is eager to find out the gender of their baby, and many chose to find out before he or she is born with some superstitious or traditional beliefs that are unscientific or incorrect & are popularly known as Old Wives Tales, which are told by elders in the family through the ages. Although scientifically incorrect.

these Old Wives Tales about pregnancy are fun to know & have been helping women in getting the answer of the question: Am I having a boy or a girl? Of course, you don’t want to know the gender of your baby before your little one arrives but you’ll be asked this question several times. There are countless tales & stories you might have heard from parents during your pregnancy time. All these pregnancy myths may seem weird when we have an easy access to trusted medical expertise that professionals have mastered over the years. Despite of technological scientific advancements, these Old Wives’ Tales are still a part of traditions & have impact on modern society. So let’s see how many of you’ve heard these funny tales as here we bring top 12 old wives tales about pregnancy that are still very popular today:

Top 12 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy:

#1: How you are carrying your Belly Shape

Myth is that if you are carrying your baby high with a big round belly, then it’s a girl for you. However if your bump is low, then get ready to stock up on blue as you’re carrying a little boy.

#2: The Baby’s Heart Rate

It is believed that if baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute (bpm), then it’s a baby boy for you while if heart rate is more than 140 beats per minute (bpm), then it’s a little princess girl.

#3: The Wedding Ring Test

This method of determining gender of your unborn baby is very popular and easy to do. It consists of having the mother-to-be lie on her back & a wedding ring is tied over her pregnant belly. Now if the ring swings back and forth just like a pendulum, then it’s a boy for you. However if the ring begins to move in a circular motion, the baby is a girl.

#4: Your Cravings Test

If you are craving for salty and spicy food, then you can count on a boy & if you crave for ice creams or sweets daily, then it’s a little girl for you. However cravings in pregnancy are very individual and no two pregnant women are the same.

#5: Morning Sickness Feeling

If you are having a smooth pregnancy without being nauseated during the first trimester, then expect a baby girl. However if you are sick & always feel nauseous during pregnancy, then a bundle of joy will be a boy.

#6: Your Weight Gain

If you find those extra kilos settling down on your hips & thighs, then expect a baby girl & if that weight is gathered at the front, then expect a little boy for you.

#7: Getting Acne

If you are suffering from acne during pregnancy, chances are that it’s a girl for you. A perfect complexion with dry hands and cold feet are the signs of a baby boy.

#8: The Drano Test

This test is however a little scary and is not recommended however it’s very popular. It’s based on the belief that when a pregnant women’s excreta is mixed with Drano in a glass container. Please be careful as there may be some heat generated. So if the resulting solution is brownish colored, then it’s a boy for you and if it stays clear, then expect a little girl for you.

Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy#9: Heartburn

It is believed that if a pregnant women gets heartburn throughout 9 months of pregnancy, Then it’s more likely a girl with head full of hair.

#10: Your Skin Feel

As per the old wives tales about pregnancy, if you feel the need of moisturizer because of dry skin, then it’s more likely to be a baby boy but if you enjoy silky smooth skin, then you could be expecting a baby girl.

#11: Your Blood Pressure

It is believed that if the woman’s blood pressure remains high before she conceived, the more are the chances of having a boy. If not, then get ready to welcome the little princess.

#12: The Linea Nigra

linea NigraDuring pregnancy, a dark line appears on the women’s bump, which is often called the linea Nigra. It is said that if that line continues above the belly button, then it’s a boy for you. However if it stops right at the belly button and does not continue, then chances are high for a baby girl.

Apart from the above mentioned tales, still there are many more equally hilarious and amazing starting with size of your breast down to your hubby’s weight gain. For instance, if you breast size gets bigger during the pregnancy, then you should expect a girl & if they remain steady without any growth, then it’s a boy for you. Similarly, if your husband is gaining weight along with you, then both of you should start preparations for a princess. If he is maintaining the weight, then get ready to welcome a baby boy.

Now that you’ve are aware about the old wives tales about pregnancy for gender prediction. do not put much faith in them as all of them are not true but they can be a whole lot of fun. They don’t have any scientific evidences to back them up so just relax and enjoy your pregnancy days which are more important.

So, all you soon-to-be moms, how many of these old wives tales about pregnancy hold true for you?