Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness at Night

Morning Sickness at NightDealing with Morning Sickness at Night. If you have never experienced pregnancy, you were probably made to believe that morning sickness happens only in the morning. Nothing could be further from the truth. Morning sickness could actually mean all-day and night sickness. The deep feeling of nausea and queasiness for many women lingers on in the first trimester. In this regard, many pregnant women will have to contend with ‘morning sickness‘ at night. Apart from interfering with your sleep, this discomfort can leave you drained and exhausted. It is therefore good to find effective ways that can deal with the sickness; to give you better rest at night. Thankfully, there are various interventions that you can employ to give you the much needed reprieve.

1. Avoid dehydration-Drink plenty of Water

Medical research has shown that dehydration makes vomiting and nausea more pronounced. To this end, you will benefit from keeping your system well hydrated. This means sipping on water constantly in the evening as you head to the night. Making sure you are hydrated during the day will also help in reducing nausea. Therefore, as you sleep, make sure to have some water with you. Do not take cups of water at once; rather sip small amounts of water over time for more effective hydration.

2. Do not allow your stomach to stay empty

Again, an empty stomach will make nausea worse. In this regard, you have to eat small amounts of food throughout the day. Avoid large meals that are limited in the day. Go with smaller portions that are spread out into the night. Crackers at night will make your nausea bearable. Make sure to eat a well balanced diet in addition to a few snacks. Avoid foods that can cause heartburn and indigestion. These are fatty foods as well as those containing too much sugar. Medical experts advise women to eat proteins like cheese or fruits like apples.

3. Stay away from trigger smells

Morning Sickness at Night

There are smells that will surely trigger morning sickness at night. Many of these smells are of fried foods. A stove fan can clear the air. In addition, eating food cold will help you avoid the trigger smell. These simple strategies will help you have a better night.

4. Consider ginger supplements

Many women have found that ginger supplements are able to ease the discomfort. Using them as prescribed by a health care provider may give you the relief you are looking for at night. In addition, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 have also been seen to help ease nausea and vomiting. These nutrients can be found in various foods including beans, nuts, carrots, fish, bananas; among many others.

5. Take it easy during the day

Exhaustion during the day can make night nausea severe. In this respect, take time and pamper yourself. Avoid doing too many tasks when you are going through pregnancy. You can also try adding some essential oils to your bed sheets so that you can feel relaxed at night. Some women will not tolerate these smells so use what works for you. Try relaxing your mind with some soothing music to ward away stress. All the above will go into making your condition better. It is not possible to fully do away with morning sickness at night but, you can manage it successfully for a blissful pregnancy.