Best Long Range Baby Monitor For Your Peace of Mind

long Range Baby MonitorA Long Range Baby Monitor will never leave you with a feeling of anxiety when you leave your baby sleeping, and nobody else is in that room feeling of anxiety when you leave your baby sleeping, and nobody else is in that room. Right? But did you know you can monitor your baby while doing house chores? Yes, it is possible, but only with the help of a baby monitor. It helps you to comfortably hear and see what the baby is doing and thus peace of mind.

Well, there are so many brands of baby monitors in the market with crazy features that will make you spoiled for choice. Because of this reason, choosing the right one for your baby can hectic. So, I have prepared you this article to save you from dilemmas and hustle when choosing a long range baby monitor. I have also discussed the best five baby monitors that you can buy today.

What is a Long Range Baby Monitor?

In simple terms, a baby monitor is a gadget specially designed to track the movements and sounds of a baby remotely. Wow, that awesome, thanks to the thriving technology. The baby monitor is also referred to as a baby alarm.

How the Long Range Baby Monitor works

To effectively use the baby monitor, it is important that you understand how it works. Okay, baby monitors are no rocket science, the whole system is basically a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver which you are supposed to place near the baby includes a microphone and maybe a camera which receives audio and video footage of the baby. The receiver then sends the live data to the receiver. Today, many baby receivers use a capable mobile phone as the receiver; this means it comes with one unit, the transmitter.

Five reasons you would need a long range baby monitor.

The following are the reasons why you will definitely need a baby monitor:

· Keep track of your baby’s movements.

· Get notifications when the baby needs attention

· Free yourself from anxiety

· Save time walking into the baby’s room every 30 min.

· Baby monitors are the ultimate choice for babies with chronic breathing problems.

Types of long range baby monitor.

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate and thus the baby monitors. You will find advanced baby monitors and the simple ones as well. There are basically two types of baby monitors; audio and video audio monitors. Any of these two monitors can be digital or analogue.

Digital monitors which I recommend encodes the signal before it is transmitted to the receiver. This makes it impossible for the sounds to be heard by others. Analogue monitors send the signal from the monitor in a straight shot. For this reason, the analogue monitors have no privacy; anybody around can hear what your baby is saying. Equally important, most of the analogue baby monitors are usually audio monitors.

Top 5 long range baby monitor that you can purchase today.

1. Babble Band Audio Digital monitor

Well, this is the first wearable baby monitor manufactured by baby brand summer. Its impressive look and ergonomic design were the first things I noticed when I was reviewing it. Its size is adorable and will definitely look cool sited next to your baby. What is so unique about this baby monitor is that its receiver is in the form of an adjustable silicon strap with audio, vibration, and LED notifications. with that in mind, let’s now look at some of its features.

Features of the Babble Band Audio digital monitor.

· It is a digital baby monitor

· Receives signals between a range of 240 meters

· Features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours

· Comes with three monitoring options.

· Travel adapter

· Clear video and audio.

With such features, this baby monitor is worth your time and money. After skimming the customers’ reviews, I found positive comments and recommendations from happy mothers.

2. Motorola MBP85 Baby monitor

Second in our list is the Motorola MBP85 Connect Wi-Fi HD Video baby monitor. What grabbed my attention in this baby monitor is the many functions that it comes with. Apart from that, I also realised that it is also very to step up and use. Let’s look at the features why the Motorola MBP853 secured the second position in our list.

Features of the

· Clear images with zooming feature

· 300 metres of range

· Comes with a portable 3.5 inch LCD receiver display.

· You can use your smart device as the receiver.

· Reports the temperature of the baby’s room.

· You can speak to the little one through its speakers.

· It includes beautiful melodies that you can play to the baby

· It features decent infrared night vision.

With these features, you now understand why it robbed my attention. So, if you are in need of robust baby monitor with a variety of features, Motorola MBP853 is the way to go.

3. Angelcare AC1300

Here is another great baby monitor to help mothers put their worries to rest, the Angelcare AC1300. It is a silver award winning gadget that we cannot miss discussing. It tracks movements, sounds, and video while your baby sleeps. Its color video 3.5-inch screen works together with the sensor pad to give parents peace of mind. The sensor pad is placed under the mattress to track the baby’s movements. Below are some of its features

· Adjustable camera angle

· 850 metres of range (In an open field)

· High-quality video transmission with zooming options

· Night vision function

· Night light feature

· Low battery indicator

This baby monitor will make a great deal for first time parents who wants to keep a close eye of their baby.

4. Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitor

Still, in the search for a long a long range baby monitor, I found Panasonic Smart Home is worth our time. This not an ordinary baby monitor, its power to connect to smart devices easily stole the show. It has made good use of the digital technology to ensure that you can monitor your baby with a smart device like your phone. Let’s look at the features that made it appear top on our list.

Features of the

· Features a two-way talk option

· Includes night vision

· Comes with five lullaby tunes.

· 3-way detection (sound, movements and temperature)

· Automatic recording of movements

· Features window and door sensors

What I liked much about this monitor is that you can connect up to six cameras to watch your baby. Apart from that, its videos are clean without distortions. Buy this monitoring kit, and you will have no trouble monitoring your little one.

5. Philips Avent Ugrow Smart baby monitor

Down to our number five, we are discussing the Philips Avent Ugrow Smart Baby Monitor. It uses WI-FI to stream video and audio. It is quite good though it dropped out of connection several times. This indicates it needs a stable WI-FI connection. The Wi-Fi security was impressing.

Features of the Philips Avent Ugrow

· HD video streaming

· Clear and very effective audio

· Notifies you when it loses connectivity

· Temperature and humidity report

· 2-way communication.

· Features in-built lullabies

· Features a wall mount

How to choose the right baby monitor for you

There is an overwhelming number of baby monitors out there, covering all sorts of functions that you even didn’t know they exist. To make it easier for you, I have created a guide to take you through.

1· look at your needs. Do you need a simple audio device or you need a more detailed gadget? List all the features that you need the baby monitor to have.

2·  consider the distance that you need to break. How far away are you likely to be from your baby?

3·  consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a baby monitor?

With the above considerations, it will be much easy for you to land on the most appropriate baby monitor for you.

Have in mind

4· Baby monitors can disconnect anytime, so be sure to check on them regularly.

5· Practice safety measures, for instance, if the monitor is wired, place it out of the baby’s reach.

6· Baby monitors can be oversensitive and disturb you with the very little sounds and movements they capture.

Final verdict

Okay, there you have it, the top five best baby monitors that you can buy today. So, if you are in need of a long range baby monitor, you now know where to find one. Apart from just unleashing the best baby monitors.  The above article has equipped you with the necessary knowledge that you need when purchasing and using the baby monitors.