Tips on How to Get Pregnant with Twins

How to Get Pregnant with TwinsHow to Get Pregnant with Twins. For some people, getting pregnant is hard enough; imagine trying to get pregnant with twins! This goes to show that having twins is not an easy task. For those who really love the idea of two babies, there are things that you can do to increase your chances. Even though there is no guarantee, it will not hurt to try. First though, to really understand how to get pregnant with twins, it is pivotal to consider how twins come about and why.

How are twins formed?

Did you know that an average woman only has a 3% chance of conceiving twins? Twins and multiples are indeed rare. Twins are formed in two ways. First, a fertilized egg can subdivide into two forming two embryos that implant. These are referred to as mono-zygotic twins who have identical genetics. This is how identical twins come about. The other way is when two eggs from a woman’s ovary are fertilized by two different sperm cells. This will mean that each embryo is unique and will come with individual traits. These are dy-zygotic twins who are non identical. The common term for these twins is fraternal.

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant with twins, you must increase your chances of ovulating with more than one egg in one cycle. It is difficult to determine why a fertilized egg will subdivide to form identical twins. All in all, you can apply methods that will encourage optimal health before conception to hopefully increase your chances. Below are tips on how to boost your chances of conceiving twins.

 How to get pregnant with twins- Use modern fertility interventions

Because of advanced fertility medicine and interventions, conceiving twins and multiples has been made easier for women. If you are not willing to rely on your natural chances of conceiving twins., you can consider using methods like IVF and taking fertility medication. It is very uncommon for fertile women to use fertility drugs and in this regard, women who struggle with infertility are more likely to conceive twins owing to the use of these remedies. If you are perfectly fertile, you can opt to go this direction to help mature more than one egg in a single cycle. Having two or more eggs will certainly increase your chances of becoming a mother of twins. It is however very important to follow the advice of your healthcare provider when choosing to go this direction.

Your diet could play a key role

When looking to get twins, it is a bad idea to become a vegetarian. This is because people who are on vegan diets have lower chances of conceiving multiples. Women who indulge in their favorite meats and take dairy are more likely to attain success. Experts have blamed this on the higher hormonal boost that comes with taking animal protein. In addition, women who follow a very low fat diet will most likely not succeed in having twins. Therefore, a higher BMI will indeed make you a better candidate of conceiving twins.

 Mother a couple of children first

If you already have children, you are more likely to have twins compared to someone who has no kids. Research has shown that being a mother of several kids makes you a fertile woman which could increase the odds of ovulating more eggs in one cycle.

 Your age could determine success

Did you know that you are more likely to have natural twins in your 30s and 40s? This is a very interesting observation by health experts. Some research suggests that the older you become, your body will be looking to compensate by releasing more than one egg. In fact, when women are approaching the beginning of the end of their fertility stage, they become more fertile than ever before. However, conceiving much later in life can cause complications and your health is crucial to any viable pregnancy.

 Conceive while on the pill

While taking oral contraception, try to get pregnant. This could be very hard but it will actually increase your chance of having twins. Some people say that conceiving soon after coming off the pill can help. The main reason for the theory above is the heightened hormonal activity in the body which can boost fertility.

– Did you know that being taller makes you more inclined to conceive twins? Even if there is nothing you can do about it now, it is worth noting that the taller you are, the better your chances.

– If you already have twins, you are more likely to have another set of twins. This is simply because your body has proven that it is possible to ovulate with more than one egg.

– Africans and Americans are more prone to have twins compared to Asians. Even though you cannot choose your race or ethnicity, you can try compare the diet or lifestyles so as to increase your chances.

– Folic acid taken before conception can really help in conceiving twins. In addition, folic acid will help boost health in any pregnancy. Therefore, taking the supplement before conceiving can give you the results you require.

How to Get Pregnant with Twins Yams and sweet potatoes are super-foods when it comes to conceiving twins. These foods have been seen to contain a potent chemical that supports ovarian function. Women who live in areas where these diets are common certainly have more twin pregnancies.

– If you are a twin, there is a higher likelihood of you having twins and this applies mainly for women. This is because you will have the genetics that support the twin phenomenon.

– Women who have toddlers can continue breastfeeding longer to increase their chances of conceiving twins. This is because of the production of prolactin which can support fertility. However, many women may not start ovulating until after they stop breastfeeding. All in all, it can happen for some.


This topic attracts many myths and half-truths. To this end, do not waste your time trying things that may be false. For example, some people claim that therapies like acupuncture and aromatherapy can help you conceive twins. These alternatives may help you relax and reduce stress but they will not help you to conceive twins; there is no scientific evidence for this. Another falsehood is looking at the generational patterns to predict the coming of twins. Every woman has similar chances of conceiving identical twins and this is scientific.