How Soon will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive

How Soon will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive?How Soon will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive. When you suspect that you are pregnant, the next best thing is to take a pregnancy test to confirm the results. From anxiety to outright impatience, you want to take that test immediately; to know the actual results. However, for a pregnancy test to read positive, a few factors have to come into play. To begin with, you can choose to take a pregnancy blood test at a health care facility. You can also choose to take a home pregnancy test. The blood test is able to detect pregnancy earlier compared to the home pregnancy kits. To be specific, a blood test can detect pregnancy 3 to 4 days after implantation. The home kit that tests urine will detect the results 4 to 5 days after implantation. Below are the factors that will determine how soon a pregnancy test reads positive.

1. Time of implantation

Blood and urine pregnancy tests work by detecting the pregnancy hormone called human chronic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is made by the placenta and it will be made only after implantation has occurred. Normally, implantation will happen 6 to 12 days after fertilization. Therefore, HCG will first enter the bloodstream and later it will be in urine. Home pregnancy tests will detect this hormone 12 to 19 days after ovulation. Timing of implantation is therefore a major determinant of when the pregnancy will be detected.

2. The level of HCG in blood

There are various levels of HCG in the blood that are considered normal. This means that if a woman has a low level of the hormone, a pregnancy test might take some time before it reads positive. If another woman has a higher level of the hormone in their blood, their pregnancy could be detected earlier. Remember, both low and high levels of HCG are perfectly normal.

3. The level of HCG in urine

Urine HCG levels can be diluted by the fluids a woman consumes. In this respect, the levels could be high at a certain point of the day while low at another point. Therefore, testing for pregnancy has to be done with concentrated urine. The first urine after waking up in the morning is often the best for pregnancy tests.

4. Type of home pregnancy test and sensitivity therein

Different test kits come with different sensitivity levels. A lower sensitivity means that the test can detect a positive result earlier. The test kit packages come with information on the sensitivity levels. Knowing the type of kit you are buying will be helpful in this regard.

5. Woman’s weight

Did you know that being overweight will lower your HCG levels? This is a vital factor to consider while testing for pregnancy. This means that it can be harder to detect early pregnancy in overweight women.

How Soon will a Pregnancy Test Read Positive

will depend on a host of things as highlighted above. A rule of thumb is to take a urine home pregnancy test after a missed period. This is enough time to ensure that the HCG levels in your system are enough to be detected. If you want a faster, more accurate result, take a blood test at a local hospital. All in all, when you are pregnant, you can be sure that the positive result will not be elusive for long.