How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected

How Soon Can Pregnancy Be DetectedHow Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected. Missed a period or hoping to add a new member to your family? This may be an exciting or confusing time but there is only one way to find out for sure. A pregnancy test is one of the most sure ways to detect a pregnancy in its early stages. A missed period is a pointer to pregnancy that pushes people towards taking a test.

A home pregnancy test is quick, convenient and effective but there are instances where you will need to take a blood test to detect it. In its early stages, a home pregnancy kit may not be as effective in proving the presence f the pregnancy while a blood test will detect the HCG in your body earlier.

Normally most women take a pregnancy test after they miss their period. It may prove the pregnancy or show a false negative depending on the amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone in your body. A home pregnancy test is a simple device that detect hCG hormone in your urine. It can be bought in drug stores, over the counter without a prescription hence accessible. The hCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta after implantation occurs. Thereafter, it increases rapidly there after which can then be detected by pregnancy tests. After a few days, the HCG can only be detected through a blood test as the hormone is present in larger numbers in blood than in urine. By the time you miss a period, it will be present in urine and your pregnancy test can pick it up.

Doctors advise that you wait until you miss a period to test for pregnancy. This is one of the first signs of pregnancy but only a test can confirm it at this early stage. The concentration of the hCG will determine the efficacy of the test. The amount of hCG is measure in MIU (milli International Units). A pregnancy test that has a sensitivity of 20 IU/L is more likely to detect a pregnancy in its early stage than one with a 50 IU/L would. You may want to check this when purchasing a home pregnancy test.

How Soon Can Pregnancy Be Detected

A blood test is able to detect pregnancy 7 to 12 days after conception hence more effective. If any of the tests is done too early, it will it may show a false negative which is bound to change after the hCG levels increase. If one is suspecting or experiencing signs of pregnancy but receiving a negative on their home pregnancy test, it is advisable that they get a blood test that’s administered in health facilities. Alternatively, you should wait for a few more days and repeat the test. Your body probably needs more time for the hormone to rise.

Although possible, false negatives and positives are rare. Modern pregnancy tests are designed with accuracy hence reliable. There also are chances of the pregnancy test showing an invalid result which will require you to take another test. Some people prefer to take more than one tests just to be sure which is also advisable. However, after your home pregnancy test proves pregnancy you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for further advise and a blood test to ascertain the pregnancy.