Homemade pregnancy Test Really Work?

Homemade pregnancy test. Pregnancy is considered as one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. The feeling that a woman gets when she is told that she is pregnant cannot be explained in words and no one can understand how it really feels unless and until it is experienced by self.

The growth and advancement in the technology have come up with many ways that now can verify if the woman is pregnant or not. But, not all of us are financially capable enough to take the advantage of such advanced medical feature. Also, there are many remote areas where such medications are not available.

Why people still depend on homemade pregnancy test?

The places with no scope of being equipped with the advanced medications and machinery to get these tests done which can confirm this amazing feeling along with the people who are not financially sound to adopt such test, the most preferred and the best alternative is a homemade pregnancy test.

In early days as well when the world was not so advanced with such features, the confirmation about the pregnancy was done through homemade pregnancy test only. There are many such tests that can be performed at home that can confirm the news.

Here in this article, we are presenting you some of the best homemade pregnancy tests that can help all those who cannot take the proper test from the doctors. Although we highly recommend visiting a doctor to confirm the news these homemade pregnancy tests are also quite efficient in determining the results.

Benefits of homemade pregnancy test:

Though visiting a doctor will always remain the best option and way to be sure about your pregnancy but even the homemade pregnancy tests also offer many benefits. Some of them are as follow:

Use of natural remedies: These tests use natural remedies for the tests so they protect us from the harmful effects of many chemicals that can harm our body.

Less expensive: People who cannot afford the fees of the doctor and those of high rated tests often find making use of such homemade test an easy and less expensive way. Such test confirms the news without affecting them much on their pocket.

Detection at an early stage: The most preferred reason why many people in India still likes using homemade tests is that it confirms the news at a very early stage even when many doctors confirms the news after about 2-3 months.

A variety of options: There are many homemade tests available which can be used. You can find like millions of ways that uses the home remedies to prepare the test.

The disadvantage of homemade pregnancy test:

Just like having many benefits, there are some disadvantages of these tests as well. To consider some we have:

No accuracy: Although all natural and herbal ingredients are used in preparing the mix for test but it does not guarantees to be totally accurate. There are still chances that the results may not be correct.

Not dependable: These test results are not dependable. You cannot be totally sure of the outcome of these tests. One cannot rely on the results of such tests.

Inconsistency: There are even chances that one test may give you a positive result while the other with another ingredient will differentiate on the previous result. They do not offer any consistency in their result.

The various homemade pregnancy test:

Since there are still many areas where people only rely and believe on homemade tests. Therefore, the world has many tests that they try. Also, as we all have heard, there are as many discussions as the number of mouths.

Let us find out some of the most preferred and believed tests out of the many tests available.

Bleach pregnancy test: The most common and tried test is this one. The reason for the popularity of this test is that it is very fast. It gives you the result in about ten minutes so that you don’t have to wait for the good news for long. The simplicity of the test is an added advantage.

You just need “bleach” and a “mixing cup” for this test.

Working and result: You just have to put bleach in the mixing bowl and then add your fresh urine into it. You must be really careful of the harmful gases that this solution releases. You can confirm the pregnancy if you see bubbles in the bleach after mixing urine in it. If there is no sign of any bubble then it indicates that you are not pregnant.

homemade pregnancy test

Benefits of this test are:

Fast speed

High accuracy

Simple and easy

Associated Risk:

The release of harmful gas is the only factor that should be taken care of.

Vinegar test: The second most preferred test is vinegar test. This test is very popular in the rural areas because of easy availability of vinegar. This test can be used in case of a need of an urgent result.

You need “vinegar” and “a cup” for this test.

Working and result: You can confirm the pregnancy by simply putting the vinegar in the cup and then adding the first urine in it. The point here to be taken care is that you must use only the first urine for getting accurate results.

After adding the urine if you find any change in the solution so it indicates a positive sign of pregnancy while no reaction in the solution indicates about no pregnancy.

Benefits of this test are:


Fast result

Simple with easy availability of ingredient

No disadvantages

Pine Sol pregnancy test: You cannot ignore this test when talking about the homemade pregnancy test. This test is known for its accurate result and thus is preferred by many people.

You need “pine sol” and a “bowl” for this test.

Working and result: Take the pine sol in the bowl and slowly add the first urine of the morning in that. If you see any change in the color that indicates a reason for celebration confirming that you are pregnant while no change indicates a no pregnancy case.

Benefits of the test are:



Simple and reliable


The risk with the test:

May not be consistent


These are some of the basic and easy tests that anyone can try at home to confirm their pregnancy. There are many other homemade pregnancy tests and methods that can be tried. Again we are emphasizing to consult a doctor to be totally sure about the news but you can try these homemade methods as well to be sure at your end before consulting a doctor.