Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar. That time when you are having a weird feeling about your pregnancy status, a pregnancy test is all you need but which is the best pregnancy test method? Well, there are plenty of pregnancy test methods out there that can help you achieve the correct results. Some people will always go for the pregnancy test kit but trust me; it is not necessarily that you purchase the kit for you to know your pregnancy status. You can always use the homemade methods such as pregnancy test with sugar.

The homemade Do-It-Yourself methods offer an alternative and attractive method to most ladies. There are a number of reasons why the homemade methods are preferred over the other pregnancy tests. For instance, they are easily accessible and comes with a reduced cost. In this article, I am set to show you an incredible and safe DIY Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar that you can do at home. I am also going to cover a few topics about the homemade pregnancy tests.

How to Check Pregnancy at Home Naturally

Well, even though the pregnancy kit is readily available in almost every drugstore, there are still plenty of natural homemade methods that you can use to check pregnancy. Using these methods is pretty cool and fun, all you need is a step by step guide which I have included here. Read on to realize how you can naturally check pregnancy at home.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

There are hundreds if not thousands of homemade pregnancy tests that you can easily achieve at home. Most of these homemade pregnancy tests are usually safe, fun and simple to carry out; some will work for you and others will not.

Forget all the other crazy DIY homemade pregnancy tests, the homemade pregnancy test with sugar will not fail you. It is an excellent and amazing DIY homemade pregnancy test that will rock your day. Having that said, let us now look at how you can perform the homemade pregnancy test with sugar.

Just like most of the homemade pregnancy tests, the homemade pregnancy test with sugar is simple and safe, but before you begin the pregnancy test, you will need a couple of things:

2-3 tablespoon sugar

A medium-sized bowl (disposable bowl is advised)

Urine sample (early morning urine is preferred)

With the above set, it’s time to introduce the formulae; put all the sugar into the bowl and add the early morning urine. You can disturb the solution a little bit, but do not stir vigorously. The stir should be short and gentle. Now observe the reaction. If the sugar dissolves into the urine, it indicates negative results (you are not pregnant) but if the sugar clumps up, it indicates positive results, and certainly you are pregnant.

How to Check Pregnancy in the First Week

A missed or late period will always trigger something in your mind, especially if you had unprotected sex a few weeks or days ago. To get relieved from the anxiety, you need to carry out a pregnancy test that will be effective in the very early stage of pregnancy. Okay, checking pregnancy in the first week could be tricky since the pregnancy hormone in the body has not yet stabilized. For this reason, you need to do the pregnancy test as the first thing after you wake up. Equally important, make sure you do it perfectly and using the early morning urine. Be sure to use a variety of pregnancy test methods to confirm your pregnancy status and of course don’t forget to include the homemade pregnancy test with sugar that I have just shown you.

When to do Pregnancy Test at Home after Missing Periods

Well, all pregnancy tests including the professional pregnancy test kits work by checking the level of a pregnancy hormone (HCG) in urine. HCG is a hormone produced by the body and is usually found in urine. During pregnancy, the level of HCG hikes. In the early morning urine, the level of HCG is usually high. So, for the best results, it is advisable that you carry out the test using the morning urine and keeping your urine till later in the day is not really a good idea. Doing it directly in the morning is more convenient. Also, urinating directly on the sugar is more prone to best results.

How Accurate are the Homemade Pregnancy Test Results?

Fine, let me start by saying that no pregnancy test is 100% accurate, not even the professional pregnancy kit. However, the accuracy of the results will depend on when and how you have performed the test.

When it comes to the homemade pregnancy tests, researched and composed data is very scarce since it is not based on medical science. This is the same reason why it is recommended to consult your doctor to confirm your pregnancy after taking a homemade pregnancy test.

Reasons why Homemade Pregnancy Test are Preferred

I know you will agree with me when I say that almost every lady who missed her periods have tried one or two homemade pregnancy test. Fine? There are a number of reasons why the DIY homemade pregnancy tests such as the pregnancy test with sugar are preferred. For instance:

· They are easily accessible

· Carrying out the tests is fun

· It is a cheap and easy way

· Results are relatively accurate

· They are absolutely safe

· They are the best method of relieving anxiety before you reach a doctor.

· Enhances privacy

How Many Times Should You Carry Out the Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Okay, the homemade pregnancy test that I have just shown you has no limit when it comes to the number of times of doing it, but be careful not to finish all the sugar in the house.

Final Verdict

Staying current on pregnancy status is what all ladies want, and since we have discussed the pregnancy test with sugar carrying out a homemade DIY pregnancy test has never been such easier. The pregnancy test with sugar offers an effective and easy way to know your pregnancy status at home. Now that you already know how it goes, the sugar in the cupboard will not stop calling your name. Since there are no risks associated with the test, don’t hesitate trying it out.