Do Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender

Do Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender

Do Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender. Anxious about your baby’s gender? It is common among all pregnant moms

. We tend to be excited about sampling baby names and how to decorate the nursery. These are all the perks that come with motherhood.

 Bringing on to the world one more member on to your team is exciting. In the past, people used to predict the gender of their unborn babies through various ways. These were used to put their minds at ease although their predictions sometimes came true.

A common ‘old wives tale‘ is the acne myth. It was previously believed that a smooth face meant that you are carrying a girl while acne/pimples predicted the baby to be a boy.

 Just as the title implies, this is simply a myth that’s meant to put the women at ease. The theory behind this myth is that with a girl, her estrogen will add on and blend with yours hence making your skin smooth and supple.

 A baby boy’s testosterone will conflict with yours hence acne and pimples. This is quite a thoughtful myth that’s somehow believable.

9 Months Pimples during Pregnancy

What’s the Reason for My Pimples?

The body changes that you will experience during the pregnancy are actually as a result of the hormonal imbalance. This reacts differently to different women.

 Just as some may experience nausea, other won’t as each person is unique and different bodies adopt to pregnancy in different ways. If your face is normally smooth and fair but has acquired pimples with the pregnancy, you need to visit a dermatologist for proper diagnosis.

 Mostly, this comes about as a result hormonal imbalance which disrupts the normal operations of your body.

This may also be brought about by eating oily foods. With pregnancy comes cravings and sometimes the foods craved are not the kind that we normally eat.

Some people acquire pimples after eating too much of fried foods. This is especially so if you are not used to it. The acne can be cleared through prescribed creams but most of the time, this lasts although the pregnancy.​

If it appears during the early stages of pregnancy, it may clear as the body adjusts to the hormonal change. If it appears later on, for instance in the third trimester, it will continue until after delivery and clear thereafter.

 It is advisable to consult your doctor or dermatologist. They might prescribe creams that will prevent scaring after the pimples clear.

Are There Other Old Wives Tales on Gender?

Besides this popular tale, there are others that were used to predict the unborn baby’s gender.

Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender

(a) Carrying high or low
(b) The appearance of the dark line on your belly
(c) Thick or thin hair
(d) Cravings
(e) The ring tied to a string
(f) Warm and cold feet
(g) Urine test
(h) Shape of the bump

So can Pimples Predict  Gender while Pregnant

Pregnancy is such a fun journey. It is allowed to have some fun during this 9-month long journey. These tales and traditional predictions are commonly used today for fun during baby showers.

 However, modern technology has made it easy for moms to be to predict the gender of their babies through ultrasound scans.

 These can be done as early as 20 weeks into the pregnancy depending on the visibility of the baby’s genitals.