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Do Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender

Do Pimples during Pregnancy Predict Gender. Anxious about your baby’s gender? It is common among all pregnant moms . We tend to be excited about sampling baby names and how to decorate the nursery. These are all the perks that come with motherhood.  Bringing on to the world one more member on to your team is exciting. […]

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Bleach pregnancy test- At Home DIY Test

It is a homemade Bleach pregnancy testing method that is used by women to test early pregnancy. The method was used by women before the stick pregnancy test was invented and it is still used to date. It is used by women who do not like over the counter tests or those who do not […]

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Top 12 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy.So you are Pregnant & the good news has brought joy to the entire family. It’s a wonderful time for every woman & this feeling makes every family member happy be it expectant mother, the doting father, the excited grandparents and all family friends. During pregnancy, a lot of changes happen […]

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