A Look at the Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

A Baking Soda Pregnancy Test can be the first look into your pregnancy. This is truly one of the most magical experiences for many. Despite all the hardships that ride along, you are blessed with a bundle of joy and this is priceless. One defining moment in this journey is when you discover that you are pregnant. Women discover they are expecting in a myriad of ways. Some women will be well ‘armed’ with a commercial pregnancy test. However, did you know that you can make your very own home pregnancy test? In fact, there are numerous methods to do this using different ingredients in the home. One very common DIY pregnancy test is the baking soda pregnancy test. This article delves into the details in this regard.

What is baking soda pregnancy test?

As hinted to above, this is a DIY pregnancy test which can be made by anybody at home. It will help you detect pregnancy when you suspect that you are expecting. It is definitely one of the most commonly used alternative tests in the home. To make this pregnancy test, you need some baking soda and a sample of urine. Then, you will need a glass so that you can do some mixing. One or two tablespoons of baking soda should be mixed with a few drops of urine. Women are advised to use morning urine owing to the abundance of the pregnancy hormone HCG. Once you mix these elements in a glass, it can start to fizzle or it will not have any reaction at all. When there is fizzling activity, this will indicate possible pregnancy. If there is no reaction at all, you are probably not pregnancy.

Some people claim that this DIY pregnancy test can indicate the gender of a baby. How the test is used to predict possible gender will be described later in this article. No matter the case, this test is considered to be 70% accurate when detecting pregnancy. There are several merits for using the baking soda pregnancy test as highlighted below.

Benefits of the homemade test

– First, this test is easy to make and any person can use it. In addition, it is very cheap because you use baking soda available in the home. This test will work very well for those who might not be in a position to go buy a conventional pregnancy test at short notice.

– Just like the modern tests, this homemade version will only take a few minutes to give you the results. In this regard, you do not have to wait around to know the results; they are almost instant.

– 70% accuracy is fairly high when it comes to a homemade pregnancy test. Therefore, you can be sure to get a convincing result when you use this test. Keep in mind that even commercial pregnancy test kits will not give 100% accurate results.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

When should this test be used or taken?

The baking soda pregnancy test should be used just like other pregnancy tests. You have to wait at-least three weeks of suspected conception to take the test. The most ideal time is when you first miss your period. Doing it early in the morning as alluded to earlier will be best to give more accurate results.

The baking soda pregnancy test and gender prediction

This test has been seen as one that helps people discover the gender of their unborn babies. Of course, there are many assumptions that indeed this test works. This suggestion has often found its logic in the fiction category rather than fact. There is no definitive answer to say that this test will inform you the gender of your baby. The only thing is to try it out and see. How does this test predict gender boy or girl? Below is an insight.

According to unverified resources, the method of making the test is just as described above. Once you have your baking soda test in a glass, add some drops of morning urine. If there is a lot of fizzling, this could indicate that you are going to have a boy. If the fizzle is minimal or nearly quiet, some sources will suggest that this will indicate that you are having a girl. This theory is just that and there is no scientific evidence that substantiates these claims. However, people are always looking to take the test all in the name of curiosity and fun.

Should you totally rely on this pregnancy test?

This test is only 70% accurate. This means that there is a 30% chance for error. Therefore, you may want to confirm with a more accurate method after you have taken this homemade test. You can go to the doctor and have a blood test done. Some people will wait just to observe other signs of pregnancy. After you miss your period, this is a good indicator that conception could have taken place. When you start experiencing morning sickness signs like nausea, tender nipples and fatigue, these are indicators that you could be pregnant. Please note that it is only a urine test or a blood test done at a health care facility that is 100% accurate when it comes to predicting pregnancy.

All in all, DIY pregnancy tests at home can be done just for fun and curiosity as mentioned here. Furthermore, if you want to start predicting the sex of your baby, this is a fun way to buy time until you can have an ultrasound done to fully determine gender.


After taking this test and finding that it is positive, do not fully put your trust or faith in the results. Some people may get emotionally crushed when they realize that the results therein were inaccurate. Therefore, you have to take the test without necessarily expecting it to give you the results you want. This is a casual home test that can be affected by different factors to produce inaccurate results. Having said this, some women have used this homemade test at home to their satisfaction. Some will swear by the gender prediction aspect as well. Whatever the case, you have nothing to lose when you take the test at home.