Baking Soda Gender Test accuracy

Baking Soda Gender Test accuracyOkay, once you successfully score a positive pregnancy test, you start to wonder whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The baking soda gender test accuracy and some of the things you need to know about the test.Well, you don’t have to wait until mid of your pregnancy for the ultrasound to tell you the gender of your baby. There are a million and one ways that can help you determine the sex of your baby. Most of these ways are pretty funny tests that you can carry out at home and at any stage of your pregnancy.

How the baking soda gender test works

The baking soda gender prediction test involves mixing baking soda and urine to test for a reaction. If the mixture fizzes (soda like reaction), it’s time to think blue, but if the mixture hardly reacts, it’s time to go pink. This reaction occurs when the pregnancy hormones in your urine mix with the baking soda. Due to the difference in pH (Boys is alkaline while girls is acidic), the reaction will be different for each gender.

Is the baking soda gender test accuracy?

This test works like other gender prediction kits. However, it is not an official way to determine the sex of your baby, but it’s safe and fun for making an early prediction. As I had mentioned earlier, the baking soda gender test works by determining the urine pH.

The urine pH can be affected by many factors such as diet. For this reason, relying on the only first result that you get can be tricky. So, it is advisable that you carry out the test several times in a week and go for the most repeated results. To summarize, let me say that its accuracy depends on how well you do it, not the mixing but your observation in the tests you carry.

What is the best time to perform this test?

Baking soda gender test has no time brackets, you can try it as early as you want and as many times you wish. According to American Pregnancy Association, pregnancy hormones tend to peak around the tenth weeks of pregnancy. However, it is advisable that you perform the test at the end of your first trimester.

Is the baking soda gender test worth your effort?

Yes, baking soda test is worth your time. In fact, many women claim that baking soda test actually worked though there are still many others who got an incorrect result. While the gender prediction test is fun, chances are, you will get a hint of your baby’s gender as you wait for your mid-pregnancy.


Carrying out the baking soda gender test using your first urine in the morning is more prone to best results.

Final Verdict

Well, we have discussed the baking soda gender test accuracy and reliable it can be. There are many gender prediction test that you can perform, but if you are looking for a cheap and easy test, the baking soda test is the way to go.