Top 5 Baby movement monitor/ Tonight You Sleep

Baby movement monitorA Baby movement monitor helps you to listen to the sounds made by your infant child. The audio baby monitor contains a microphone and a transmitter unit. The monitor just has to be placed near the baby, and it carries the sound made by the child through radio waves, transmitting it to the receiver unit carried by the parent or caretaker.With the advanced technology, the modern baby monitors even allow the parents to talk back to the child so as to make the child feel safe.

Baby movement monitors are help proving a sense of security to both the parents and the baby.Baby movement monitors help the parents hear any slightest sound or movement made by their child. They can easily rush near their child, if they hear it crying, talking alone or making any unusual noise.

The baby monitor also enables them to hear any other noise that is made in the room. The baby monitor detects movement with the help of sensor pads lying under the mattress of the baby’s crib. Baby movement monitor’s have inbuilt sounds detectors. The alarm of the monitor will start ringing, if the movement of the baby stops for 20 second or more than that.

Baby movement monitor are like life savers for parents.

They have many benefits and are worth buying as they indirectly make you feel as if you are near your child always. The parents can have some peaceful time knowing that any sound made by their child would be notified to them by the baby movement monitor. The baby monitors have inbuilt detectors which detect the slightest breathing movements that is made by the child. The baby monitor alerts the parents about any slightest chance of danger so that it can be prevented easily without harming the baby.

The parents can get alerted through the baby monitor if their baby is facing any breathing problem. The baby monitor doesn’t restrict or limit the movements of the infant, rather it alerts the parents of any unusual activity. This monitor have patented sensor feature, which captures any irregular breathing movement from the child while it is in deep sleep. The baby movement monitor alerts the parents or care taker if the baby is trying to stand on the crib or is having any health related issue.

These days its necessary for parents to have baby movement monitors. With the houses being very big and work loads, its peaceful for parents to listen to their child’s movements and know that their baby is safe.

So here are some of the best baby movement monitors, so that you don’t have to search a lot to buy the best baby monitor at a cheap price.

1. Angelcare Movement and Sound baby movement monitor

This two piece baby monitor guarantees 100% safety sense. The receiver unit that is the parent’s monitor has some additional features such as rechargeable battery, digital screen which displays the room temperature of the child in full color and constantly keeps you alert about every movement made by the child. Other additional features possessed by the baby monitor are out of the range alarm and contains a sensitive microphone. The baby monitor has received 3.9 stars out of 5.

2. Snuza Go baby monitor

This small baby monitor can be easily kept in any purse or bag. It has a long lasting battery life, stays in the same place and has an inbuilt alarm system which can be set to ring after 15 to 20 seconds of the baby’s inactivity. The baby monitor has received 4.6 stars out of 5.

3. Angelcare AC300 baby monitor

This monitor has sensitive adjustable sensor pads. It automatically beeps loudly within 10 seconds of the child being motionless. The monitor guarantees of working with thin or thick mattresses. The monitor has received 4.7 stars out of 5.

4. Snuza Hero baby monitor

This baby monitor has best quality sensor, and can detect slightest irregularity or signs of abnormality near the child and instantly alert you. The monitor is portable and skin friendly. The baby monitor has received 4.5 stars out of 5.

5. Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

This baby monitor has simple features and a very loud alarm. It works efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. Moreover it is certified for medical purposes as well. The monitor has received 4 stars out of 5.

Thus baby monitors are a must purchase for parents. Moreover baby monitors are available at very cheap rates, so parents can buy the best baby movement monitors at reasonable prices.