Top 10 Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Boy Pregnancy Symptoms. As a newly pregnant lady, you are most definitely be preoccupied wondering about your unborn child’s sex.

There are numerous old wives’ tales, which can purportedly enable you to accurately determine the gender of the baby you carry. For the most part, this is normally through some specific telltale signs you exhibit. But is there any truth in such legends?

Well, as surreal as it sounds, they may be some grains of truth in these old legends.

When is the sex of a baby determined?

As soon as the sperm fertilizes the egg, the sex of your baby is already determined. At conception, your unborn child obtains 23 chromosomes from you and its father, and factors such as gender, hair color and eye color are determined at this point.

 However, your baby’s genitals will begin to develop at around the 11th week of pregnancy. Still, you won’t accurately determine its sex until a couple of week later via an ultrasound.

Well then, here are some baby boy pregnancy symptoms that you can notice during early pregnancy.

Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Top 10 Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Tummy positioning

It is widely reported that tummy positioning is one of the clearest indications of the sex of a baby during pregnancy. As such, when you carry low, you will give birth to a boy.

2. Urine color 
The exact color of your urine during pregnancy can seemingly be a clear sign of the gender of your unborn child. Legend has it if your urine darkens you are carrying a baby boy.

3. Acne breakouts

During pregnancy your hormonal balance is thrown out of kilter, and you can start to manifest a number of physical changes in your body.

To which end, the outbreak of pimples is said to be a good sign of a baby boy pregnancy.

4. Breast size

Your breast will naturally enlarge during pregnancy as your body prepares itself for milk production and nursing.

 When you right breast gets slightly larger than the left, it is believed you are carrying a boy.

Other Common Symptoms

5. Weight gain

Besides the earlier noted rounded tummy, the exact nature of your pregnancy weight gain can be a clear indicator of the sex of your baby.

 It is widely said that when you are carrying a baby boy, those extra pounds will tend to concentrate around the belly region.

6. No morning sickness

When you fail to experience the usual early symptoms of pregnancy, most notably morning sickness, most people tend to believe you will give birth to a baby boy.

7. Food cravings

Apparently, having a strong craving for salty and sour foods such as pickles or potato chips during pregnancy normally infers a baby boy pregnancy.

8. Cold feet

The unceasing sensation of having cold feet as a pregnant woman is said to be one of the surest signs you are carrying a baby boy.

9. Heart rate

Your unborn child’s distinctive heart rate is also believed to be an indication of his or her sex. Many people believe that should the beats per minute be less than 140, you will give birth to a boy.

10. Hair growth

The rate at which your hair grows during pregnancy is said to be an excellent symptom for determining the gender of your unborn child.

 When you hair starts to grow at a quicker rate than usual, you will have a baby boy.