After How Many Days Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start

After How Many Days Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start After How Many Days Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start . Every pregnancy is unique so expect yours to be one of a kind as well. One thing that you can expect with your pregnancy is that your belly will grow to accommodate the baby. However, there are signs that will help you detect pregnancy in its early stages.Different women experience their pregnancy symptoms during different times. Most of the symptoms occur after 2-4 weeks. Most women suspect pregnancy when they miss their periods.

Signs of Pregnancy To Look Out For

1. Tender breasts
2. Light bleeding
3. Slight abdominal pain
4. Cravings
5. Nausea
6. Morning sickness

Nausea is more likely to occur during the first month of pregnancy. Actually, this is a common symptom. If you are actually vomiting as a result of the nausea, you will experience fatigue. Some women tend to sleep more than usual.
If you suspect pregnancy, it is best that you take a test just to ascertain it. If the pregnancy is less than 4 weeks old, an ordinary urine pregnancy test may not be able to detect it. In this case, it is advisable to book an appointment with your doctor to have a blood test done.
A blood test is able to pick up on the hCG in your blood stream as early as two weeks after conception. A urine test takes longer. When the pregnancy is confirmed, start making adjustments to accommodate the baby.


When to Take a Test

It is advisable to take a test as soon as you experience symptoms especially if your lifestyle may put the baby at risk. Discuss this with your doctor and they will be in a better position to advise you. Some activities such as yoga and workout may be rendered safe especially if you have been doing it for a long time. You need to check with your doctor first though

Taming Morning Sickness

Some signs of pregnancy may be mild while others severe. One of the most troublesome symptoms is nausea and vomiting which is severe during the first trimester. If you can hardly keep your food down then you should seek medical help. Depending on the severity of the condition, your doctor will prescribe medicine or recommend natural remedies such as ginger. Ginger is a highly effective nausea reliever. For best results, sip on ginger tea or eat a ginger biscuit before getting out of bed. It is also best that you get out of bed slowly as opposed to hurriedly. This keeps the nausea under control and helps you to feel better.

After How Many Days Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start

No matter what your pregnancy symptom is, ensure that you handle them in a safe manner so as to keep the baby safe. For breast tenderness, try placing a bag of frozen peas on them. Alternatively, you could soak in a tub of warm water until you experience relief. For light headiness, ensure that you eat adequately in small portions spread out throughout the day. Rest as much as you can and sip on lemon or ginger infused water to stay hydrated and to keep the nausea under control.