9 Months Pregnancy Baby Boy Symptoms

9 Months Pregnancy Baby Boy Symptoms, there are signs that you can observe that will tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl.

 These 9 months pregnancy baby boy symptoms have been tested by many women and their accuracy is not too far off.

Having said this, there is no guarantee about sex prediction; unless you do it in the modern way where you get an ultra sound check at the right pregnancy stage. There are many other modern methods to do a gender test for your unborn baby.

Today we are going to look a few  common baby boy symptoms that are worth considering about.

When your urine color turns darker than normal, this could indicate that you are having a boy. 

Urine coloration may change several times throughout your pregnancy and at the 9 month stage, a darker color could show it is a boy.

 A bright color usually cloudy white could indicate that it is a girl at 9 months of pregnancy.

9 Months Pregnancy Baby Boy Symptoms

You start to break out like a teenager 

Hormonal changes during pregnancy come with a host of changes in the body. Acne outbreak happens to some women while it does not happen to others.

 A severe case of acne outbreak could actually mean that you are having a boy. If this outbreak continues even until the 9th month of pregnancy, this is a sign to watch.

 Pregnancy Baby Boy Symptoms

Belly position How are you carrying

This has been a common sign for many women. How a pregnancy is carried will matter greatly. Some people will carry lower while others higher.

Carrying low means that your tummy is inclined more towards the ground. At 9 months of pregnancy, this is an indication that it is a boy.

Revitalized hair growth

Pregnancy for some women is bad news where their hair is concerned. However, when you are having a boy, the hair seems rejuvenated and the growth is impeccable.

It does not just grow faster but also appears to be healthier and shinier.

Other signs are sleeping with your left side for long. This is a common indicator that it is a boy. Pregnancy comes with fatigue and exhaustion and this can leave you feeling that you can only fully rest on one side.

 At 9 months, the discomfort can be great and knowing that it is a boy could answer your curiosity. Some people have seen that when you have dry hands that are cracking, this could mean a boy for you. A baby boy has also been blamed for more weight gain in pregnancy. It is said that there are extra pounds that become more visible.

 Behavioral change where a woman becomes more aggressive has also been seen to indicate that a woman is carrying a boy. There are many other symptoms to talk about.

9 Months Pregnancy

Cold feet

Do you suffer with cold feet while pregnant? Cold feet is a sign that you could be preparing to welcome a baby boy.

Keep in mind that even when the temperatures are above average, you will still grapple with cold feet. Otherwise, it is normal to have colder feet when it is the cold season.